Branding, Logo Design

Project Brief
Ashanti, founder of Ternwheel, is developing a software/app that automates the budgeting
and scheduling for touring and live shows. As a tour manager himself, he has become very familiar with the difficulties of managing the movements of his artists, their budgets, and sourcing their needs in new territory. We were elated to get the opportunity to brand a company that we believe will shake the music industry!
The main target audience for Ternwheel are music industry professionals. Stack Rank: 1. Music Artists 2. Music Managers 3. Music Agents 4. Venues. So, we created a mark that plays to the serious playfulness of the music industry.
A few of the clients questionnaire responses

Why the name Ternwheel? “A Tern is a bird, and that bird happens to be the animal that travels the furthest out of all species on earth. Wheel, because it takes wheels to tour, and gears to crunch numbers.”

Use a few adjectives to describe how the user should perceive the new or revised logo. “Sexy, Clean, Simple, Bold, Iconic.”

What TYPE of logo do you envision? “Abstract”

Special Notes

The client is drawn to the color perriwinkle blue

The Incorporation date is March 10th 2022 making Ternwheel a Pisces Sun (the sign of music, art, artist,
spirituality, intuition, etc) and a Gemini Moon (the sign of communication, connectivity, travel, etc) so were off to a good start!!