Kel B Pics: Logo Design

Kel is a great photographer whom I met on Flickr a year ago. He hired me to create his brand mark and I instantly started researching upon request. We went through the motion of questionnaires where I got some of the vibe he was looking for. I also dug through his Facebook business profile to gain more insight into his company personality. I used a mind map as a path to various themes [see a sample photo above]. [Mind map philosophy compliments of David Airey, a renowned brand wizard!!]

Kelvin Bulluck is a story teller with a camera. His storytelling, via capturing beautiful moments and then sharing them with the world, is what he thrives on. To compliment his theme of visual narrative I turned to media symbolism. The K in Kelvin reads as the universal symbol for ‘back’ or ‘previous’. The symbol was polished & embossed to be inviting and appear as a button one could push. It borrows from photographic elements, conveys his passion to share his work, and ties it all into his company name.KelBPics-Logo-Variation




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