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  • Rachel Kjack

    Rachel Kjack

    Rachel Kjack, CEO/President of Social Fluency

    I've hired Nye twice as a photographer. She took pictures of my whole team that we use on our website and in all of our proposals. Being a personality business, as a training and coaching company, it's crucial that our pictures reflect the personalities and high quality of our team members. She did an amazing job...

  • Kelvin Bulluck

    Kelvin Bulluck

    Kelvin Bulluck , Photographer / Owner of Kel B Pics

    ...I contacted Nye to let her know that I needed her services & she quickly responded with a questionnaire with some pretty in depth questions about my brand, thoughts, desires, & expectations concerning my logo.  This in & of it itself impressed me because I knew right away that she understood the importance of branding....

  • Tamara Deverell

    Tamara Deverell

    Tamara Deverell, Principal Marketing Consultant at Esteemed Inc.

    I was fortunate to work with Nye on the Green Bag website redesign and logo update projects. She is a great collaborator, pleasant and easy to work with and one of the fastest designers I have ever worked with. Nye adds value to her work with quality technical design skills, a willingness to learn beyond her field and presenting a fresh perspective.

  • Kaliisa Conlon

    Kaliisa Conlon

    Kaliisa Conlon, Director

    I had the tremendous pleasure of working with Nye'  in San Francisco and I was continually amazed by her amazing vision, skill and utter dedication. Not only is Nye' a phenomenal talent, she is one of the most cool, wonderful people I have worked with. Nye' is an amazing communicator ~ she really listens to the ideas her clients and colleagues have in mind and creates awesome results from them.

  • Judith Masur

    Judith Masur

    Judith Masur , Fine Artist

    I enjoyed working with Nye. She was both collaborative and responsive. Beginning with her beautiful first draft, we worked together to come up with a great solution to the challenge of advertising two simultaneous shows by one artist. Most important, I enjoyed giving out the cards. Everyone was drawn to the design.

  • Eoin Franklin

    Eoin Franklin

    Eoin Franklin , Managing Director of The Dog Dunit Ltd.

    I thought I was happy with how my company logo was developing until Nye helped me along with bringing my logo and company aspirations to the next level. She listened to my core company values and developed my new logo, listening to my ideals, as opposed to redirecting them

  • Amelia Loren Smith

    Amelia Loren Smith

    Amelia Loren Smith, Interior Designer, Freelance Art Director

    Nye' is an exemplary designer; Her ability to take on projects with a fresh eye and a sense of openness allows her to create highly relevant and memorable works. On top of being a shining talent, Nye' is a great person, (the kind of person you actually enjoy collaborating with while working on grueling projects) and I'm honored to call her a colleague and a friend.

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce
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