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    Nye’ Lyn Tho

    Designer / Photographer

    About Nye’ Lyn Tho

    A Few Random Facts
    – My favorite food is dim sum…today.
    – I love all things magical.
    – I’m obsessed with my avocado plant.
    – I hang Eucalyptus all around my home.
    – I wear White Howlite whenever I leave the house.
    – I think Rosemary is the best seasoning.
    – I live with my girlfriend, tuxedo cat, and chihuahua in Oakland, CA

    I was born and raised in New York, taught and critiqued in Philadelphia, inspired and disciplined where I currently reside, California. I specialize in Graphic design, Photography, and a unique merge of the two. In particular my graphic and photo skills include creating logos, branding, print pieces, web sites, portraits, and whatever else I can get my eyes and hands on.

    The best part of what I do is unearthing design needs and challenges. Finding the heart and soul of a brand, a website or any other representation of a company, idea, or person is my passion. It requires a commitment, a trip into a deep and fragile part of why one believes they exist. Unearthing your existence is MY calling and I do it with spirited diligence.

    If you want to collaborate, hire me, or thumb wrestle feel free to email me at info@nyelyntho.com

    Photo by Andrew Rodriguez